Case No.: 15K13276    

Defendants Robert Penado and Frank De Jesus’ Motion to Compel Plaintiff’s Deposition; Request for Sanctions is GRANTED.

For good cause shown, relief is proper per CCP § 2025.450. Plaintiff is ordered to appear for deposition on/or before December 9, 2016.

The Court finds Plaintiff’s failure to appear for deposition a misuse of the discovery process. CCP § 2023.010(d). Sanctions have been sufficiently noticed. However, the amount of sanctions sought is slightly high. As such, sanctions are awarded in the amount of $347.50, representing 1 hour for drafting the motion and 1 hour for appearance at the hearing, at $143.75 per hour, plus the $60 filing fee. Plaintiff is ordered to pay sanctions to Defendants and their attorney in the amount of $347.50 on/or before December 9, 2016. CCP § 2023.030.

Moving party to give notice.