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Defendant James Zeffery’s motion to vacate the default and default judgment is DENIED.


In 2012, non-party Beneficial Capital Leasing, Inc., leased certain hair salon equipment to non-party Demure Hair Salon, Inc. Eventually, Demure Hair Salon breached the lease agreement, and Beneficial assigned the rights to collect the debt/equipment to Plaintiff Pawnee Leasing Corp. Plaintiff eventually discovered that Demure Hair Salon (and its principal, non-party Tara Pullee) declared a no-asset bankruptcy. Plaintiff also discovered that the leased equipment had been transferred to Defendant James Zeffery (originally misspelled Zeffrey), who refused to return the equipment. Plaintiff therefore brought suit against Defendant for claim and deliver and willful and malicious conversion.

Default was entered February 26, 2015, and default judgment was entered June 14, 2016. On April 07, 2017, a bench warrant was issued, to compel ........