Lloyd Johnson, et al. v. McCarthy & Kroes, et al.

Case No.: 1487105    

Nature of Proceedings: Motion Order Imposing Terminating Sanctions/Evidentiary and/or Issue Sanctions

# 1487105 Lloyd Johnson v. McCarthy & Kroes,

Hearing Date: 10/30/17

HEARING: Motion for terminating, issue, evidence, and monetary sanctions


Michael Labrum for plaintiffs

Michael McCarthy / James D. Hepworth / Shawnell J. Russell of Nemecek & Cole for defendants

TENTATIVE RULING: For the reasons explained below, the motion is denied as to terminating, evidence, and issue sanctions; the Court will order plaintiff to provide further verified responses to Special Interrogatory Nos. 19-21, and Production Demand Nos. 62-64, and a privilege log with respect to any documents or information still withheld from defendants, on or before November 15, 2017. The Court will also order plaintiff, his attorney, or both, to pay sanctions to defendants in the amount of $1,000, for the failu........