Eurochem MCC v. Andrey Rogalsky

Case No.: 1469981    

Nature of Proceedings: Motion - Sanctions

Motion by Third Party Dreymoor Fertilizers Overseas Pte Ltd. for Sanctions against Plaintiff for Misuse of Discovery Process


The motion by third party Dreymoor Fertilizers Overseas Pte Ltd. for monetary sanctions against plaintiff EuroChem, MCC, JSC and its legal counsel for misuse of the discovery process is denied.


Plaintiff EuroChem, MCC, JSC (“EuroChem”) is Russia’s largest fertilizer producer and one of the leading fertilizer companies in the world, with annual sales exceeding $7 billion. Valery Rogalsky (“VR”), not a party, is the former Sales Director for EuroChem. According to the allegations, during his employment, VR accepted bribery payments totaling more than $38 million from EuroChem’s customers in exchange for lower fertilizer prices. The unlawful payments were deposited into bank accounts controlled by VR in Cyprus, Singapore, and the B........