Kira Walther and Howard Walther

Nature of Proceedings: Request for Order to Relocate Minor Children to Boise Idaho

Petitioner is Kira Walther (“Kira”) and Respondent is Howard Walther (“Howard.”) First names are used for clarity and no disrespect is intended. The date of marriage is 2/8/1998 and date of separation is 2/1/2014 for a marriage of 16 years and 0 months. There are two minor children of the marriage, Sean b. 5/7/2003 and Erin b. 12/4/2009.

Kira is moving to Boise, Idaho and has filed a Request for Order that the children be permitted to move with her. Kira has sole legal and physical custody of the minor children. The children have been exclusively in her care and custody for the past five years and the children are thriving. Kira has always been the primary parent. Howard has limited supervised visitation with the children that he has not exercised in five years. Howard has not sent the children birthday or Christmas presents. He stopped phoning them when the Court ordere........