Plaintiff Mercury Insurance Company’s Motion to Enter Judgment Pursuant to Settlement Agreement under CCP § 664.6 is GRANTED.


On July 2, 2013, Plaintiff Mercury Insurance Company (“Plaintiff”) filed the complaint in the instant action against Defendants Emiliano Romero Reyes and Jose Heriberto Reyes (“Defendants”). The parties settled and the case was dismissed without prejudice on January 2, 2015. Plaintiff filed the instant motion on November 7, 2017. No opposition has been filed.


The parties entered into a written settlement agreement on January 2, 2015 wherein Defendants agreed to pay a principal sum of $20,990.12 in payments of $100.00 per month until the amount was paid in full. (See Thai Decl., ¶ 3, Ex. 1, § 1.) The agreement provides that “[i]f payments are not made timely, notice shall be sent to both defendants at 6321 Mecham Way, Los Angeles, CA 90043 with a 10 day opportunity t........