Montecito Water District et al vs Price Postel & Parma etc

Case No.: 1384682    

Nature of Proceedings: Demurrer to Third Amended Complaint
Santa Barbara County Superior Court
Department 5
Judge Colleen K. Sterne

Tentative Ruling
February 25, 2013

Case: Montecito Water District, et al., v. Price, Postel & Parma,
LLP, et al Case No. 1384682

Matter: Demurrer to Third Amended Complaint

Tentative Ruling:
For the reasons set forth herein, the demurrer of defendants Price, Postel & Parma, LLP, and C.E. Chip Wullbrandt to the sixth and seventh causes of action of the third amended complaint is sustained without leave to amend.


This is a legal malpractice action brought by two municipal water districts against their general counsel arising out of legal work performed in connection with the Ortega Reservoir Project and related litigation.

Plaintiff Montecito Water District (“MWD”) is a public entity which provides wate........