Nancy Dewi vs Te Connectivity et al

Nature of Proceedings: Motion Reconsideration
Motion for Reconsideration of Ruling on Demurrer to Second Amended Complaint


Plaintiff’s motion for reconsideration of the ruling on defendants’ demurrer to the second amended complaint is denied.


Plaintiff brings this action after she was terminated from her engineering position at TE Connectivity (“TE”) in Carpinteria. Plaintiff’s second amended complaint alleges causes of action against TE and two of its managers for (1) discrimination, (2) harassment, (3) retaliation, (4) failure to prevent harassment, (5) failure to accommodate disability, (6) failure to engage in interactive process, (7) violation of the California Family Rights Act, (8) retaliation in violation of the California Family Rights Act, (9) wrongful termination, and (10) failure to pay wages due. On December 11, 2012, the court sustained defendants’ demurrer to the seventh and eighth cau........