Jose Lomeli et al vs Locadio Aguirre et al

Case No.: 1338767    

Nature of Proceedings: Minor's Compromise
Santa Barbara County Superior Court
Department 5
Judge Colleen K. Sterne

Tentative Ruling
October 17, 2011

Case: Jose Lomeli, et al., v. Locadio Aguirre, et al.,
Case No. 1338767

Motion: Petitions (2) of Raquel Lomeli for Approval of Minor’s Compromise
as to R.L. and A.L.

Tentative Ruling:

The petitions to approve compromise of the pending action are granted.


These are petitions to approve minors’ compromises in an action arising out of the sexual molestation of two minor children. Plaintiffs Jose Lomeli and Raquel Lomeli (“Parents”) allege that they rented a room from defendants Locadio Aguirre and Carmen Aguirre in Santa Barbara, California. Plaintiffs allege that Locadio Aguirre sexually molested their children A.L. and R.L. (the “Children”), who are also plaintiffs by and through their........