Estate of Isamu Minami

Case No.: 1318450    

Nature of Proceedings: Petition for Order that Gift has Adeemed and Lapsed; Motion to Intervene and Bring Action Against the Estate

required. Counsel should be prepared to
discuss the following:

following procedural deficiencies are noted:

1. 1. Mr.
Enn�s Petition re Ademption:

Notice of Hearing must be sent to Sammy�s children (if any) at least 15 days before the
next hearing.

2. Mr.
Minami's Motion to Intervene and to Bring an Action Against the Estate:

Notice of Hearing and a copy of the petition must be mailed to Susan and
Sammy�s children at least 15 days before the hearing.

prior tentative ruling stated any owners of the Russell Street properties would
be entitled to personal service. The
current owner, Wataru Minami was served by mail. Wata........