City of South Pasadena vs Metropolitan Transit Authority

Nature of Proceedings: Writ of Mandate CEQA petitions for writ of mandate


The petitions are denied. The court has confirmed that no binding commitment to construct the tunnel exists, and that the inclusion of the tunnel in the expenditure plan for Measure R did not violate CEQA. Rather, the Court finds that Measure R and its expenditure plan constitute a governmental funding mechanism exempt from the definition of a “project,” and therefore exempt from prior CEQA review, by Guidelines § 15378(b)(4).

Brief summary of action
This action involves yet another chapter in the decades-long effort to close the gap between the 210 and 710 freeways. Much of that time was devoted to unsuccessful attempts to obtain approval a surface route. When that proved problematic, the possibility of a 5-mile long tunnel came under consideration as a means to close the gap. A 2006 preliminary feasibility study did not address any specific tunnel al........