Rogers Sheffield & Campbell LLP vs Laurarose Tibbin

Nature of Proceedings: Claim of Exemption
Claim of Exemption of Defendant Laurarose Tibbin

The court allows judgment debtor Laurarose Tibbin’s claim of exemption in the 2006 Mini Cooper automobile, VIN WMWRE93556YB72300, in the amount of $2,725, but denies the claim to the extent judgment debtor Tibbin seeks a greater exemption as a tool of trade or otherwise.

The court strikes the claim of exemption that judgment debtor David Marshall filed with the Sheriff of Santa Barbara County on July 17, 2012 and with this court on July 18, 2012.


Plaintiff Rogers, Sheffield & Campbell, LLP is the judgment creditor of defendants Laurarose Tibbin and David Marshall. The judgment against Tibbin is in the amount of $542,446.40 ($627,464.58 as of May 14, 2012); the judgment against Marshall is in the amount of $654,718.84 ($753,576.71 as of May 14, 2012).

Judgment creditor has obtained writs of ........