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City of Sacramento v. Patching – Case No, 06AS03584 – Motions in Limine Tentative Rulings

Plaintiff's Motions in Limine

1. Motion to exclude reference to the Opticom system

The motion is denied.

Plaintiff seeks to exclude any reference to the fact that the vehicle driven by Chief Bassett was equipped an Opticom system that could be used to change the color of traffic signals if the vehicle was traveling in full emergency response if the particular signal light has been modified with an Opticom receptor.

Plaintiff contends the evidence has no relevance because there is no evidence that the Opticom system was in use at the time of the collision or that the signal had been modified. Plaintiff contends the evidence should be excluded under Evidence Code section 352 because its probative value is substantially outweighed by the substantial danger of undue prejudice.

Defendant contends that liability is........