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The Honorable Robert L. Dondero

1st District Court of Appeal, Department - (website)

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1st District Court of Appeal, Department - (website)


The Hon. Robert L. Dondero is an Associate Justice on the California First District Court of Appeal, Division One. He was sworn in on July 30, 2009.

Prior to working for the Court of Appeal, Justice Dondero served as a judge for the Superior Court of San Francisco. From 1998-2000, Justice Dondero was the Supervising Judge of the Criminal Courts. He was elected by his colleagues as Assistant Presiding Judge of the San Francisco Superior Court from 2003-2004 and then elected Presiding Judge from 2005-2006.

While he was serving the trial court, Justice Dondero was on the criminal bench at the Hall of Justice, the Juvenile Court, and the civil trial departments.

During the period that he was with the District Attorney's Office, he handled a variety of trials, specializing in homicide and sexual assault prosecutions.

Among the accolades awarded to him were: Trial Judge of the Year by the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association in 2004; Trial Judge of the Year by the San Francisco Barristers Association in 2005; and Judge of the Year by the Italian American Bar Association in 2006.

Justice Dondero spends his spare time hiking, reading, and traveling.


J.D. from University of California Berkeley School of Law (1970)

B.A. from Santa Clara University (1967)


Judge at San Francisco Superior Court in San Francisco, California (1992 to 2009)

Assistant U.S. Attorney at Northern District of California in California (1978 to 1992)

Deputy District Attorney at San Francisco District Attorney's Office in San Francisco, California (1971 to 1978)

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