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San Francisco Superior Court, Department retired (website)


The Hon. Quentin L. Kopp is a retired judge of the Supreme Court of California. He was initially appointed to the San Mateo Superior Court on January 1, 1999 and retired effective January 31, 2004. However, he but was immediately accepted in the Assigned Judges Program of the California Judicial Council. Since February 1, 2004, by order of the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court, Judge Kopp has been assigned almost continuously to the San Mateo Superior Court with intermittent assignments to the Los Angeles Superior Court, Humboldt Superior Court, Sonoma Superior Court, Napa Superior Court and Santa Cruz Superior Court.

With his untiring commitment to public service, Judge Kopp continues to serve as Commissioner of the Ethics Commission. At 90, he remains sharp and unwavering in upholding justice.

Also, since 2010, Judge Kopp has been a Member of the American Arbitration Association, acting by appointment as an arbitrator in civil disputes.


  • Bachelor's Degree from Dartmouth College
  • J.D. from Harvard Law School


  • Lieutenant at United States Air Force (1952 to 1954)
  • Talk Show Host and Owner at KGO-AM Radio in San Francisco, California (1982 to 1992)
  • Commentator at KTVU-TV in Oakland (1992 to 1999)
  • Board of Supervisors at Metropolitan Transportation Commission (1976 to 1986)
  • Senator at California State Senate (1987 to 1997)
  • Judge at San Mateo County Superior Court in San Mateo, California (1999 to 2004)
  • Member at San Francisco Board of Supervisors