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The Honorable Lisa M. Gamoian

Fresno County Superior Court, Department 304 (website)

Court Info

Fresno County Superior Court, Department 304 (website)

Clerk phone: 559-457-4880


The Hon. Lisa M. Gamoian is a judge of the Superior Court of Fresno County, California. She was elected on November 4, 2014.

Judge Gamoian earned her undergraduate degree from California State University, Fresno. Later she received her J.D. from the University of California Hastings College of Law in San Francisco, California.

Before leaving for the Superior Court bench, Gamoian was with the Fresno County, California District Attorney's office for 24 years. As a prosecutor, she often handled the biggest cases, such as those involving brutal murderers facing the death penalty or violent sex offenders looking at long prison terms.

She earned the Prosecutor of the Year award in 2006, given by the California District Attorney's Association for her work in the high-profile case of mass murderer Marcus Wesson, who has been sentenced the death penalty for orchestrating the 2004 killing of nine of his children in Fresno County, California.


J.D. from Hastings Law School in San Francisco

Bachelor's degree from Fresno State


Chief of Homicide Division at Fresno County District Attorney's office in Fresno County, California

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