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San Francisco Superior Court, Department 608 (website)

Clerk phone: (415) 551-3833

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Hon. Gail Dekreon is a judge for the Superior Court of San Francisco in California. She was first elected to this position in November 2002. She was re-elected in 2014 for a term that expires in January of 2021. As an unopposed incumbent, she was automatically re-elected without appearing on the ballot. Dekreon received her bachelor's degree from the University of Alaska. She graduated from Golden Gate University Law School in 1981 and was admitted to the California Bar in 1982. Prior to becoming a judge for the Superior Court of San Francisco, Dekreon worked as a traffic attorney in San Francisco. The San Francisco Bar Association named her its "Outstanding Volunteer in Public Service" in 1992 and she was evaluated as "well-qualified" by the Judicial Evaluation Committee of the San Francisco Bar Association in her 2002 campaign for the office of judge. Dekreon had been working as a defense attorney in San Francisco for 20 years when Gray Davis became the Governor of California in 1999. Dekreon's opponent in 2002 was Sean F. Connolly. She won the November 5, 2002 election with 75,562 votes, which was 51.37 percent of votes cast.

To make case management conferences run smoothly, the judge requires that the parties "are aware of past rulings, that they are aware of what happened at the last CMC conference, and what we discussed and what we expected was going to happen next, and that they have their CMC statements in to me on time."

She advises that lawyers be good to the clerk!


  • B.A. from University of Alaska
  • J.D. from Golden Gate University Law School