The Honorable Eugene L. Balonon

Sacramento County Superior Court

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Sacramento County Superior Court, Department 10 (website)

Clerk phone: 916-874-5501

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Hon. Eugene L. Balonon is a judge of the Superior Court of Sacramento County, California in California, appointed in 2005.

Between 1985 and 2004, Hon. Balonon did three stints as a deputy DA, with several executive appointments at state agencies in between - such as The Lottery and the Gambling Control Commission. His last term with the DA's Office, was with the sex crimes unit.

Colleagues describe Judge Balonon as having a low-key nature, which may be “disarming” (see link below for full article in The Recorder). Per the same interview, he once made attorneys in a civil trial meet with him on weekends to save juror's time. He is quoted as stating that wasting juror's time is his biggest pet peeve: "...I don’t like when issues come up that should have been anticipated and then it delays our trial. Then I have to tell the jury, ‘Now you have to wait in the hallway for another hour, or two hours or three hours'" (see The Recorder article link below for full details).

Judge Balonon's final case as a prosecutor involved successfully prosecuting five men accused of serially raping prostitutes on Stockton Boulevard in Sacramento. The case involved 11 attorneys, more than 50 witnesses and complex DNA evidence. Balonon says that he shelved the prosecutor’s mentality once he was sworn in as a judge.


  • J.D. from Lincoln Law School of Sacramento (1984)


  • Judge at Superior Court of Sacramento County in Sacramento, CA (from 2005)
  • Executive director at California State Gambling Control Commission in Sacramento, CA (2004 to 2005)
  • Deputy District Attorney, Sex Crimes Unit at Sacramento District Attorney's Office in Sacramento, CA (2001 to 2004)
  • Counsel at The Lottery (1999 to 2001)
  • Deputy District Attorney at Sacramento District Attorney's Office in Sacramento, CA (1985 to 1999)