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The Honorable David E. Goldstein

Contra Costa County Superior Court, Department 6 (website)

Court Info

Contra Costa County Superior Court, Department 6 (website)

Clerk phone: 510-942-2106


The Hon. David E. Goldstein is a judge for the Superior Court of Contra Costa County, California. Goldstein was appointed to the bench on November 17, 2015, by former California Governor Jerry Brown to replace the Hon. David B. Flinn.

Judge Goldstein earned his B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Davis in 1991. He then received his J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law in 1994.

Following law school, Goldstein became a law clerk Contra Costa County Public Defender’s Office. Then in 1995 until his appointment, he started serving as an attorney there. He was assigned to the Misdemeanor Unit of the Public Defender’s Office and then he was moved to serve as court-appointed counsel to children and indigent parents in juvenile dependency court. After spending several years handling felonies Goldstein then started handling juvenile delinquency cases. Then in 2012 Judge Goldstein began supervising the Misdemeanor Unit.

In court, he is known to frequently hold pre-trial conferences and likes to use his negotiation skills to resolve cases in a manner that is fair to both parties.

Judge Goldstein is a big fan of baseball and has played fantasy baseball for over 35 years. His favorite MLB team is the San Francisco Giants.

Goldstein grew up in San Carlos, California. Before joining the law, he thought of starting an academic career like his parents or becoming a journalist. His favorite subject at school was politics.

He is married to a wife with whom he shares two children.

He is a Democrat.


B.A. from University of California, Davis (1991) (Political Science)

J.D. from University of California, Berkeley School of Law


Attorney at Public Defender’s Office in Contra Costa County, California (1995 to 2015)

Law Clerk at Public Defender’s Office in Contra Costa County, California (1994 to 1995)

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