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The Honorable Dan Thomas Oki

Los Angeles Superior Court, Department retired (website)

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Los Angeles Superior Court, Department retired (website)


Dan Thomas Oki was a judge for the Los Angeles County Superior Court in California. He was originally appointed to the Municipal Court by former governor Pete Wilson in 1992. He was subsequentially elevated to the Superior Court in 1997 by then-governor Wilson. He retired in January 2019, and the Hon. Gloria White-Brown was transferred from the West Covina trial court to fill his vacancy.

Oki graduated with his B.A. in political science from Stanford University in 1973. He went on to earn his J.D. from Loyola Law School in 1977.

After graduating from law school, Oki entered into private practice for five years. Then in 1982, he became a partner at Jacobsohn, Christian, Stewart, and Oki Law Corp. where he practiced criminal and civil litigation. He remained with the firm until his appointment to the Municipal Court in 1992.

During his time on the bench, Oki served as a presiding judge of the Municipal Court for a two-year term from 1993-1994. After his elevation to the Superior Court in 1997, he was appointed supervising judge for the East District in 1998. In 2001, Oki became the supervising judge for the Criminal Division.

It was during this two-year term as supervising judge that Oki made a controversial decision in May of 2003. He made a determination to shut down the courtroom at the typical 4:30 end of day time, though the rest of the day's scheduled arraignments had not been completed. Dozens of felony defendants were subsequentially released, one of which would later commit murder. This controversy forced Oki to resign his position as a supervising judge.

Some of his memberships have included the American Bar Association and the Japanese American Bar Associaton.


J.D. from Loyola Law School (1977)

B.A. from Stanford University (1973) (Political Science)


Partner at Jacobsohn, Christian, Stewart & Oki Law Corporation (1982 to 1992)

Attorney at Private Practice (1977 to 1982)

Judge at Municipal Court in Los Angeles County, California (1992 to 1997)

Judge at Los Angeles County Superior Court in Los Angeles County, California (1997 to 2019)

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