The Honorable Charles S. Crandall

San Luis Obispo Superior Court

Court Info

San Luis Obispo Superior Court, Department 12 (website)

Criminal Branch: (805) 781-5670

Juvenile Services Center: (805) 781-5164

Courtroom Rules


In 2003, former Gov. Gray Davis appointed Hon. Charles S. Crandall as a judge for the Superior Court of San Luis Obispo County in California.

Judge Crandall asks lawyers to summarize discovery disputes on a two-page form to get them to resolve their arguments informally.

He believes in civility in court.

He previously was involved in a lawsuit against Exxon for its oil spill.

The judge's hobbies include bird watching, hiking, biking, swimming, and sailing.


  • J.D. from University of Virginia Law School
  • Bachelor's degree from Princeton University


  • Partner at Milberg Weiss (1989 to 1994)
  • Assistant U.S. Attorney at San Diego
  • Assistant U.S. Attorney at New Jersey
  • Attorney at San Luis Obispo (1999 to 2003)
  • Attorney at San Diego (1994 to 1999)