The Honorable Willie Lott, Jr.

Alameda County Superior Court, Department retired


The Hon. Willie Lott, Jr. (Ret.) was a judge for the Alameda County Superior Court in California. He was appointed to the bench in 2007 by former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. At the time of his appointment, he filled the vacancy created by the retirement of the Hon. Robert Fairwell (Ret.). Lott retired from the bench in 2018 and his vacancy was filled by the Hon. Jason Clay.

Lott graduated with his B.A. in social science and political science from California State University, East Bay in 1969. He went on to earn his J.D. from the University of California, Davis School of Law in 1972.

After law school, Lott joined the San Jose City Attorney's Office as a deputy city attorney in 1974. In that role, Lott represented the City of San Jose in litigating matters involving personal injury, contract disputes, employment discrimination as well as disciplinary appeals. He also served as a legal advisor to various county departments. He then joined the Alameda County Counsel's Office in 1979, where he would work as a deputy county counsel for twenty-three years. Among his duties there, Lott served as legal counsel for the County Mental Health Department. He also represented Alameda County before the Board of Retirement of Alameda County.

In 2002, Lott was selected to serve as a court commissioner for the Alameda County Superior Court. He would hold this position until his appointment to the bench five years later.

He has been a member of the Alameda County Bar Association and the National Bar Association.

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