The Honorable Steven L. Dylina

San Mateo County Superior Court, Department retired


The Hon. Steven L. Dylina (Ret.) served as a judge for the Superior Court of San Mateo County in California. He was appointed to the bench by former Governor Gray Davis on April 5, 2000. He then retired in 2018.

Dylina earned a bachelor’s degree from San Jose State College in 1970. He briefly pursued a master’s degree in economics, but soon joined the General Electric Company as a finance and service manager. He then began taking night courses at San Francisco Law School, where he completed a J.D. in 1977.

Dylina started his legal career in 1978. Together with his wife, they founded their own private practice. They handled both civil and criminal matters, with Dylina specializing in criminal defense cases.

Then, in 1990, Dylina joined the San Mateo Office of County Counsel as a deputy county counsel. During his ten year tenure there, he did general tort litigation, representing the public guardian as well as children’s protective services.

Dylina was born in Spokane, Washington. His father was a federal prison guard, a job which required his family to relocate all over the West and Midwest.

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