The Honorable Margaret S. Henry

Los Angeles County Superior Court, Department retired


The Hon. Margaret S. Henry (Ret.) was a judge for the Los Angeles County Superior Court in California. She was appointed to the Superior Court by former Governor Gray Davis in 2001 and retired from the bench in 2019.

Henry received her B.A. in 1969 and her J.D. in 1979 from the Ohio State University. She graduated cum laude from law school.

After graduating from law school, Henry joined the Ohio Attorney General's Office as an assistant attorney general. She returned to Los Angeles to join the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office as a deputy city attorney. After leaving the City Attorney's Office, Henry became senior counsel for Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc. She would leave Toyota to join the law firm of Rosner, Owens, Nunziato, and Henry as a managing partner. Henry eventually entered into solo practice and opened the Law Offices of Margaret S. Henry prior to her appointment to the Superior Court in 2001.

While on the Superior Court, Henry presided over the Dependency Court for ten years, five of which she served as the supervising judge for the court. In 2015, she was appointed to the Delinquency Court. In the Edelman Children's Court, she handed out teddy bears to children who appeared in her courtroom. In 2016, she presided over a new court program at the Edelman Children's Court that supports foster children who are in transition to adulthood by providing mentorship, counseling, and affordable housing.

In 2017, Henry received the Wilmont Sweeney Juvenile Court Judge of the Year Award from the California Judges Association in recognition for her work with juveniles.

She has written an article for The Chronicle of Social Change regarding the distant placement of children in foster care outside of the city that their biological parents reside.

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