The Honorable Linda Marie Dunson

309th Family Court Harris County Family Courts, Department 16th Floor, 16-4


The Hon. Linda Marie Dunson is a judge of the Three Hundred Ninth Family Court in Harris County, Texas. She took office on January 1, 2019, and her current term ends in 2022.
Dunson worked for NAACP Houston Branch, and Donovan Watkins. She also founded her own firm, where she worked for approximately 13 years.
Dunson got her degrees from University of Houston Law Center (LL.M. in tax law), Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law (J.D.), and University of Houston (Bachelor's degree). She also is licensed as a U.S. Customs Broker.
She grew up in a small town in east Texas. Among Dunson's favorite books are First They Came, by Martin Niemoller, and Success Runs in Our Race.
She is a Democrat.

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