The Honorable Leo Valentine, Jr.

San Diego County Superior Court, Department deceased


The Hon. Leo Valentine, Jr. (deceased) served as a judge for the Superior Court of San Diego County in California. He was first appointed to the San Diego Municipal Court by former Governor Pete Wilson in 1995. He was subsequently elevated to the Superior Court of San Diego County under the court consolidation program in 1998.

As a judge for the Superior Court of San Diego County, Valentine served on its Homeless Court, where he presided over many of the minor offenses often associated with homelessness—disorderly conduct, public drunkenness, public urination, sleeping in doorways. The Homeless Court was designed to encourage rehabilitation rather than impose punishments, offering sentences that align with the needs of people who experience homelessness.

Valentine earned a J.D. from Western State University School of Law in Fullerton in 1989. While attending law school, he worked for the Long Beach Public Transport Company, where he rose to Director of Operations. He had also worked for the Orange County Transit Direct and San Diego Transit.

He began his legal career in 1990, when he joined the Office of the District Attorney of San Diego County as a deputy district attorney. During his tenure there, he served in the gang unit, eventually becoming assistant chief of the Juvenile Division.

Valentine retired from the bench on February 18, 2019. He then passed away a few weeks later, on March 23, 2019.

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