The Honorable Kimberly J. Nystrom-Geist

Fresno County Superior Court, Department 99A

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The Hon. Kimberly J. Nystrom-Geist is a judge on the Superior Court of Fresno County in California. In 2007 she was appointed by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to succeed the Hon. Ralph Putnam.

Judge Nystrom-Geist obtained her bachelor's degree from California State University, Fresno and her J.D. from San Joaquin College of Law.

In 1993 Nystrom-Geist first worked as an associate in the law office of Judith Leslie Soley. She then worked as a partner at the firm of Leslie-Soley & Nystrom-Geist. She specialized in family law when she was in practice.

In 2005, two years prior to her appointment to the bench, Nystrom-Geist became a commissioner for the Superior Court.

Nystrom-Geist is a Democrat.

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