The Honorable Jerome T. Benson

San Francisco Superior Court, Department retired

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The Hon. Jerome T. Benson (Ret.) served as a judge for the Superior Court of San Francisco County in California. He was initially appointed to the superior court by former governor George Deukmejian in 1990. Six months later, he lost his seat on the bench in an election against the Hon. Donna Hitchens. He was then re-appointed to the bench, serving on the Municipal Court of San Francisco until his elevation to the superior court upon the unification of municipal and superior courts in 1998. He retired from the bench on January 20, 2012.

Benson earned a J.D. from Stanford University Law School.

Prior to his appointment to the bench, Benson served in the Office of the District Attorney of San Francisco County. He served in that office for twenty-three years, heading its Criminal Division.

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