The Honorable Jaclanel McFarland

133rd District Court Harris County District Courts, Department Eleventh Floor, Suite 11-4


The Hon. Jaclanel McFarland is a judge of the One Hundred Thirty-Third District Court in Harris County, Texas. She is running for re-election in 2020.
McFarland received her undergraduate and law degrees from Baylor University. She attended the University of Oxford in England where she studied Comparative Constitutional Development.
McFarland worked for 31 years as a litigator, mediator, and teacher of collegiate law courses in Harris County (including Real Estate Law, Business Law, and Government).
She is a former member of the Baylor University Board of Regents and First Vice-President of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. She has been recognized in Foremost Women of the 20th Century, Whos Who in the World, in American Law, of American Women, in the South and Southwest, Among Rising Young Americans and in the World of Women. She was also a participant in International Law Institutes in Ireland, China, and Japan.
McFarland is a fifth generation Texan, and grew up in Dawson, Texas.
She is a Democrat.

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