The Honorable Dennis A. Peterson

Fresno County Superior Court, Department retired


The Hon. Dennis A. Peterson is formerly a judge on the Fresno County Superior Court. In 2010 he was appointed to the bench by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to succeed the Hon. Donald R. Franson, Jr. He was re-elected in 2012 after running unopposed.

Judge Peterson earned his undergraduate degree from California State University, San Jose. He earned his J.D. from Universit of San Francisco School of Law.

Before taking the bench, Peterson spent 23 years working in the District Attorney's Office in Fresno County, California as a Deputy District Attorney. In 2007 he would be promoted to Chief Deputy District Attorney. In 2008 he became counsel for the private law firm of Nuttall Coleman and later worked as a solo practitioner from 2009 to 2010.

Peterson is a Democrat.

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