The Honorable Aleta D. Hacker

326th District Court Taylor County District Court, Department retired


The Hon. Aleta D. Hacker (Ret.) served as a judge for the 326th District Court in Taylor County, Texas. She was elected to the bench in 1985 and retired in 2014.
Hacker earned a bachelors degree from Columbus College in 1971. She spent the next two years working as an elementary school teacher. Then, in 1977, she completed a J.D. at Baylor Law School.
After graduating from law school, Hacker began her legal career as an assistant district attorney for the Taylor County District Attorneys Office. She then entered into private practice, holding positions at Erwin, Scarborough, Baker, Choate & Arnot as well as Wilson & Wilson.
Hacker was raised in New Jersey with her immigrant grandparents.
She is registered as a Democrat.

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