Declaration of Megan W Wendell in Support of Application of Cross-Defendants Matthew A McHenry - Declaration

Case: Scoubes, Jayson et al vs. Bill Webb Construction    

Case Overview

On August 16, 2018 case was filed by Lowry, Sharleen, Huss, Robert, Huss, Catherine et al. against Bill Webb Construction, in the jurisdiction of Butte County.



JORDAN A. RODMAN, ESQ. No. 173001) MEGAN W. WENDELL, ESQ. (SB No. 238423) RODMAN & ASSOCIATESPC. 149 Stony Circle, Suite 210 Santa Rosa, California 95401 Telephone: (707) 278-9878 Facsimile: (707) 278-9880 [email protected] [email protected] Attorneys for Cross-Defendants/Cross-Complainants MATTHEW ALLEN MCHENRY, individually, and dba BUTTE CREEK STONE andTYLER LEE GUTIERREZ, individually, and dba BUTTE CREEK STONE (erroneously sued as Butte Creek Stone dba Matthew Allen McHenry and Tyler Lee Gutierrez) (ROE 3) SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA COUNTY OF BUTTE JAYSON SCOUBES; NICOLE SCOUBES; Case No. 18CV02673 KEVIN KRATER; SHARLEEN LOWRY; ROBERT BROWNFIELD; MARILYN COMPLEX LITIGATION BROWNFIELDBILL FUQUA, KAREN ...