On July 30, 2020 a case was filed by M. And J. 1854 Nostrand Ave Corp, Mario F Bisogno, and Marylou Consolo, represented by Kalish, Adam, against Freddie Bisogno, M. And J. 1854 Nostrand Ave Corp, and Mario Bisogno Jr, represented by Napoletano, Domenick, in the jurisdiction of Kings County. Judge Larry D. Martin (Pt. 41) presiding.



FILED: KINGS COUNTY CLERK 10/01/2020 02:27 PM INDEX NO. 513821/2020 NYSCEF DOC. NO. 10 RECEIVED NYSCEF: 10/01/2020 SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF KINGS x -------------------------------------- : Mario F. Bisogño, Marylou Consolo : individually and derivatively on On behalf of M. and J. : Index No. 150023/2020 Nostrand Ave Corp. : Plaintiff, : : - against - : : M. and J. 1854 Nostrand Ave. Corp. : Mario J. Bisogno Freddie F. Bisogno ...

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