Attorney Address Change Notice -

Case: Conners, Blake A. vs. Safeway, Inc.    

Case Overview

On October 17, 2018 case was filed in the jurisdiction of Placer County.



YEMPUKU & McNAMARA VICTORIA YAMAMOTO - 176445 10/16/2020 P.O. Box 7218 London, KY 40742 Telephone: 916-649-8333 Facsimile: 603-334-7903 [email protected] Attorneys for Defendant, CLEAN CARTS SALES & SERVICE, INC. SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA COUNTY OF PLACER - ROSEVILLE BLAKE CONNERS, Case No: SCV0041917 Plaintiff, NOTICE OF CHANGE OF ADDRESS SAFEWAY INC and Does 1 to 50, inclusive, Defendant. TO ALL PARTIES AND THEIR ATTORNEYS OF RECORD: PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that effective September 21, 2020, the LAW OFFICES OF YEMPUKU & McNAMARA will change the firm address as follows: LAW OFFICES OF YEMPUKU & McNAMARA P.O. BOX 7218 ...