Petition to Approve Compromise of Disputed Claim or Pending Action or Disposition of Proceeds of Judgment for Minor or Person With a Disability (Case Initiation) filed.

Case: In Re: The Claim Of Avee Tolward, a Minor    

Case Overview

On August 27, 2020 A Petitions - Other case was filed by Tolward, Avee, in the jurisdiction of Sacramento County.



RNEY OR PARTY WITHOUT ATT. ne, State Gar number, and address, FOR COURT USE ONLY cick L. Hinrich °BN#142223 z ‘ffice of Patric Hinrichsen Ts hambra Blvd. -ANnADCrNH Sacre °, CA 95816 Fila “NDORS D TEL wo. 916-446-989 FAX NO. (Options: « 1828 E-MAIL ADDRESS [email protected] ATTORNEY FOR Plaintiff, Avec ward AUG 20 SUPERIOR COUR) SFORNIA, COUNTY OF mento STREET ADORESS. 9th Street By:___T. Crow, a MAILING ADDRESS: OO city ano zipcooe: S& ento, CA 95814 BRANCH NAME> | me: Tolward v. an a od IN “~ BY- 08283888 PETN APPROVE: [X] % ?ROMISE OF DISPU, AIM HEARING OF CI ce MISE OF PENDING + N [J DISsPL N OF PROCEEDS 0. SMENT Co mu “_] Person With a Di. poet ‘CE TO PETITIONERS: Except as noted bek. must use this form to re. ourt approval of (1) the u nise of a disputed claim ror, (2) the compromise of . ng action or proceeding > @ minor or a person wi, »bility {including @ conse. isa arty, or (3) the dispositic > proceeds of a judgmen. Z&_inor or person with a di. {See Code Civ. Proc., § “ob. te, § 3600 et seq.) You. minor or disabled perso, S& attend the hearing on th. on unless the court for gu se nses with a personal ap, ‘9. The court may requin. “Z%" >sence and testimony 0, ses, including the attena. . ag physician, and other . ¢ relating to the merits « Son and the nature and « the injury, care, treatm an “alization. The court may ‘er on an expedited basi: ' a hearing requests for . » of the compromises 01 Certa, $s and actions or the dis, of the proceeds of certa. nents. If your...