Case Overview

On January 25, 2017 case was filed by Williams, Kali M, against Stocks, Matthew E, in the jurisdiction of Yolo County. Judge Gaard, Janet N presiding.



SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA COUNTY OF YOLO FAMILY LAW JUDGE: HONORABLE DANIEL P. MAGUIRE DATE: 10/01/2020 TITLE: WILLIAMS VS STOCKS PROCEEDINGS: *REQUEST FOR ORDER: MODIFICATION wisi Fah. CLERK: Christopher Bingham APPEARANCES ~ Via 200% 1 Bt Petitioner/Plaintiff present 2.0 WiBy Atty 3 Bx Respondent/Defendant present ‘ 40 Wey Atty : 50 Deputy DA NEXT APPEARANCE/CONTINUANCE Time:, Dept__" Time. Dept, 3 0 Continued by Court's Motion (CTC) 40 Continued by Motion of (CPM). 5 O Off calendar. Reason. CUSTODY/VISITATION ORDERS 1 urt awards joint Pdlegai parties with LIprimary residence! hysical custody to the physical custody to: 2 0 Court awards sole legal and physical custody to: 3 DRCourt rants visitation as follows: Matis Sal Lal ratio c oe eA alberrabas scldhls. pat Flv Coen Cee t= Adcox = Faden 40 Pet/Resp Salereito dtug test today “J CHILD CUSTODY RECOMMENDING COUNSELING: 4D Stipulation reached in CCRC 21 No Stipulation reached; Court approves CCRC recommendation and signs order 30 Parties referred to FLF for referral to CCRU (RF M) 41 Parties to split the costs OTHER Races afiest ccled. by wbwnl agreed 12 OThe child support issue is reserved regarding ongoing and retroactive support and shall be heard at a later date in family support court as scheduled by the custodial or moving parent or DCSS in near future MOTIONS/ORDERS 10 Stipulation reached & so ordered 2 Petn/Resp sworn ftestified to determine jurisdictional TIME:...