Conditional Settlement - Status Conference

Case: Cavalry SPV I, LLC as Assignee of Synchrony Bank vs Gallaway, Morgan    

Case Overview

On January 27, 2020 case was filed by Cavalry Spv I, Llc As Assignee Of Synchrony Bank, against Gallaway, Morgan, in the jurisdiction of Butte County.



CM-200 ATTORNEY OR PARTY WITHOUT ATTORNEY (Name, State Bar number, and address) |_Ghrstopher B. Mandarich SB 220083: s Ainy Marshall SB961601; Amber Swearingen-Ojuri $B324689; David C. McGaffey SB315632; MANDARICH LAW GROUP, LLP. P 0 Box 109032 Chicago, IL 60610, TELEPHONE NO 877.285 4918 FAX NO. 818 888 1260 E-MAIL ADDRESS (Optional) ATTORNEY FOR (Name)* Cavalry SPV I, LLC SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OFBUTTE STREET ADDRESS’ 1775 CONCORD AVE. MAILING ADDRESS: cITy AND zip cove» CHICO CA 95928 BRANCH NAME CHICO COURTHOUSE FOR COURT USE ONLY F Superior Court of California | County of Butte L D F | L E D PLAINTIFF/PETITIONER CAVALRY SPV 1, LLC, AS ASSIGNEE OF By Deputy) SYNCHRONY BANK DEFENDANT/RESPONDENT. MORGAN GALLAWAY FILE BY FAX CASE NUMBER’ zocvo0244 NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF ENTIRE CASE aS aeeee expired why the case should not be dismissed, the court will dismiss the entire case. NOTICE TO PLAINTIFF OR OTHER PARTY SEEKING RELIEF You must file a request for dismissal of the entire case within 45 days after the date of the settlement if the settlement is unconditional. You must file a dismissal of the entire case within 45 days after the date specified in item 1b below if the settlement is conditional. Unless you file a dismissal within the required time or have shown good cause before the time for dismissal has To the court, all parties, and any arbitrator or other court-connected ADR neutral involved in...