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  • Lillian F Schwartz v. A. Michael Noll, Kenneth Knowlton Tort document preview


FILED: NEW YORK COUNTY CLERK 01/04/2016 12:37 PM INDEX NO. 157548/2014 NYSCEF DOC. NO. 87 RECEIVED NYSCEF: 01/04/2016 SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF NEW YORK LILLIAN F. SCHWARTZ, Civ. No. 157548/2014 NOTICE OF MOTION Plaintiff, FOR CONTINUANCE -against- Return date: January 20, 2016 A. MICHAEL NOLL AND KENNETH KNOWLTON, Defendants. COUNSELOR(s): PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that upon the annexed, the Affidavit of Laurens R. Schwartz, the attached memorandum of law, affirmation of Laurens R. Schwartz, and upon all the pleadings and proceedings and proceedings heretofore had herein, Laurens R. Schwartz, Plaintiff’s attorney, will move by methods ordered by the Court, before this Honorable Court on the 20th day of January, 2016 at 9:30 in the forenoon, or as soon thereafter Counsel can be heard, at the Motion Submission Part located at 60 Centre Street, New York, NY Room 130 for an Order pursuant to N.Y. Jud. L. §2-b(3) that Plaintiff and her counsel Lillian and Laurens R. Schwartz are unable to attend Court due to extreme illnesses, and require the use of tele- and videoconferencing. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE, that answering affidavits, if any, are to be served upon the undersigned at least within eight (8) days to the return date hereof, pursuant to CPLR §2214(b). Dated: January 2, 2016 /s/______ LAURENS R. SCHWARTZ Attorney for Plaintiff 5 E. 22 St. #15D New York, NY 10010 Tel. (212) 228-2614 email: