Reply filed - to Opposition to Demurrer by Defendants to Plaintiff's First Amended Complaint

Case: Makai Lloren vs. Skywalk Fresno, LLC    

Case Overview

On April 11, 2019 case was filed by Lloren, Makai, against Circustrix Holdings, Llc, Logan Lawrence, and Skywalk Fresno, Llc, in the jurisdiction of Fresno County. Judge Simpson, Alan presiding.



Dennis R. Thelen, Esq., SBN 83999 Gary Logan, Esq., SBN 90558 LAW OFFICES OF LEBEAU - THELEN, LLP 5001 East Commercenter Drive, Suite 300 Post Office Box 12092 A Bakersfield, California 933892092 (661) 325—8962; Fax (661) 325-1 127 ([email protected]) ([email protected]) Attorneys for Defendants, SKYWALK FRESNO, LLC (Sued O©OONOUI and Served Erroneously as DEFY CLOVIS EXTREME AIR SPORTS), and CIRCUSTRIX HOLDINGS, LLC SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA 1 COUNTY OF FRESNO 11 12 MAKAI LLOREN, a minor, by and through his Case No.: 19CECG01273 Guardian ad Litem, DURBIN LLOREN, Assigned t0Judge Alan M. Simpson 13 ...