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Advantage Leasing Corp. Vs Pankaj K Karan Md, Inc.

Case Last Refreshed: 1 year ago

Advantage Leasing Corp., filed a(n) Judgment Enforcement - Creditor case against Pankaj K Karan Md, Inc., in the jurisdiction of Alameda County. This case was filed in Alameda County Superior Courts .

Case Details

Filing Date

April 11, 2017

Last Refreshed

February 24, 2021

Filing Location

Alameda County, CA


Abstract Of Judgment Issued Another Court

Practice Area


Matter Type

Judgment Enforcement

Case Cycle Time

119 days



Case Events

Type Description
Docket Event Order of Examination Hearing Dropped from dept: 511 date: 08/15/2017 time: 09:15 AM
Docket Event Declaration of Diligence Filed
Docket Event Declaration Filed
Docket Event Civil Order of Examination (Order) Issued
Docket Event Judgment Entered
Docket Event Abstract of Judgment issued another court Filed
Docket Event Order of Examination 08/15/2017 09:15 AM D- 511
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