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Patelco Credit Union v. Tishian Marie Salas

Case Last Refreshed: 3 weeks ago

Patelco Credit Union, filed a(n) Limited Civil case represented by Thomas Caudill, against Tishian Marie Salas, in the jurisdiction of Alameda County. This case was filed in Alameda County Superior Courts .

Case Details for Patelco Credit Union v. Tishian Marie Salas

Filing Date

March 18, 2003


Limited Civil

Last Refreshed

August 30, 2023

Filing Location

Alameda County, CA

Case Complaint Summary

This complaint is filed by Patelco Credit Union against Tishian Marie Salas and other unknown defendants. The complaint alleges breach of contract and common counts. Patelco Credit Union is an insured lending institution based in San Francisco, California. Tishian Marie Salas is an individual residing in Hayward, Alameda County, California. The contract giving rise to this action was entered into and performed in Hayward.

The complaint states that the defendants, including Tishian Marie Salas, were agents and employees of each other and were acting within the course and scope of their agency and employment. Patelco Credit Union claims that Tishian Marie Salas breached the monthly payments due under the loan agreement and has refused to make said payment despite demand from the plaintiff. As a result, Patelco Credit Union has declared the entire unpaid principal balance of $13,545.62 due and payable, along with interest charges at the contractual rate of 15.9% per annum and attorney's fees and costs for collection of delinquent sums.

The complaint also includes two additional causes of action, both alleging that Tishian Marie Salas became indebted to Patelco Credit Union for the agreed sum of $13,545.62 and has failed to make payment despite demand. The complaint seeks judgment against Tishian Marie Salas for the principal sum, accumulated interest charges, attorney's fees, costs of suit, and any other relief deemed just and proper by the court.

Note: No dollar amounts other than the principal sum of $13,545.62 are mentioned in the complaint.

Parties for Patelco Credit Union v. Tishian Marie Salas


Patelco Credit Union

Attorneys for Plaintiffs

Thomas Caudill


Tishian Marie Salas

Other Parties

Tishian Marie Salas (Legacy Party)

Case Events for Patelco Credit Union v. Tishian Marie Salas

Type Description
Docket Event Paper File Destroyed
Docket Event Writ of Execution - Partially Satisfied from Alameda Filed
Docket Event Notice of Bankruptcy As to Defendant Tishian Marie Salas
Docket Event Rejection Letter Issued on Notice of Bankruptcy
Docket Event OEX - Dropped - Neither Side Appearing
Docket Event Proof of Service by Mail Filed
Docket Event Civil Order of Examination Issued
Docket Event Order of Examination 05/20/2005 09:00 AM D- 504
Docket Event Abstract of Judgment Issued
Docket Event Writ of Execution Issued To Alameda
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