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Gebreamlak Vs Almowilla

Case Last Refreshed: 1 year ago

Gebreamlak, Yohannes, filed a(n) Small Claims Court Appeals case against Almowilla, Abdo Lamged, in the jurisdiction of Alameda County. This case was filed in Alameda County Superior Courts .

Case Details

Filing Date

April 24, 1997

Last Refreshed

February 20, 2021

Filing Location

Alameda County, CA


Small Claims Court Appeals

Case Events

Type Description
Docket Event Judgment - Entire IN FAVOR OF DEFT AND AGAINST PLTF FILED & FILMED 6-23-97
Docket Event Civil Court Trial Commenced and Completed
Docket Event Notice of Trial RE SCCA FILED
Docket Event Civil Court Trial 05/20/1997 10:00 AM D-17
Docket Event Small Claims Court Appeals Filed
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