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Hockanson VS Hockanson

Case Last Refreshed: 2 months, 3 weeks

Case Overview

On March 18, 2004 A Civil case was filed by Hockanson, April M, against Hockanson, David M, in the jurisdiction of Alameda County.

Case Details

Case Number

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Filing Date

March 18, 2004

Last Refreshed

Feb 23, 2021

Filing Location

Alameda County, CA


Dissolution of Marriage

Practice Area


Matter Type


Case Cycle Time

4260 days

Time to First Dissmisal Order

263 days



Case Documents

Case History

Type Title - Description Documents
Docket Event Proof of Service by Mail Filed
Docket Event Proof of Service by Mail Filed
Docket Event Order to Establish or Modify Child Support Filed
Docket Event Stipulation and Order Re: Other Ex Parte Filed: to Establish/Modify Child Support
Docket Event Withdrawal of Attorney Filed for April M Hockanson
Docket Event Findings and Order After Hearing re Child Custody,.. Filed
Docket Event Letter from Letter from Attorney For Respondent re: hearing on 04/23/2014 Filed
Docket Event Proposed Order Received
Docket Event Declaration Regarding Service of Proposed Findings & Order After Hearing Filed
Docket Event Proof of Service (of electronic service) Filed
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