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Chase Bank Usa Na Vs. Mello

Case Last Refreshed: 9 months ago ago

On June 17, 2010 a (37) Unlimited Other Contract case was filed by Chase Bank Usa Na, represented by Jpmorgan Chase Legal Dept, against Mello, Alice E, represented by in the jurisdiction of Yuba County.

Case Details

Filing Date

June 17, 2010

Last Refreshed

February 23, 2021

Filing Location

Yuba County, CA


Givens, Debra L Track Judge’s New Cases


(37) Unlimited Other Contract

Practice Area


Matter Type

Breach of Contract

Matter Type


Case Cycle Time

77 days

Time To Management

130 days

Time to First Dissmisal Order

77 days




Case History

Type Description
Docket Event Conversion Close
Docket Event Declaration
Docket Event Request to Enter Default
Docket Event Declaration
Docket Event Declaration
Docket Event Request for Dismissal - In Part
Docket Event Declaration in Support
Docket Event Case Management Conference

Judge: Givens, Debra L

Docket Event Letter Returned
Docket Event Summons
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