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v. Michael Stone

Case Last Refreshed: 1 year ago

filed a(n) General Criminal - Criminal case against Michael Stone, represented by Chan, Richard Allaye Jr., in the jurisdiction of Placer County. This case was filed in Placer County Superior Courts with Eugene S. Gini, Jr. presiding.

Case Details for v. Michael Stone


Eugene S. Gini, Jr. Track Judge’s New Cases

Filing Date

January 13, 2021



Last Refreshed

January 09, 2022

Practice Area


Filing Location

Placer County, CA

Matter Type

General Criminal

Parties for v. Michael Stone


Attorneys for Plaintiffs


Michael Stone

Attorneys for Defendants

Chan, Richard Allaye Jr.

Case Events for v. Michael Stone

Type Description
Docket Event Arraignment Angus Saint-Evens Department 32
Docket Event Arraignment Department 32
Docket Event Hearing: Proof Self Help - Set by Judge
Not Heard: Vacated
Docket Event Not Heard: Vacated
Early Status Conference
Not Heard: Vacated
Heard: Def Pled and Sentenced
Docket Event Not Heard: Vacated
Motion Hearing Continue Preliminary Examination
Docket Event Preliminary Examination Department 33
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