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Blum Vs Blum

Case Last Refreshed: 1 year ago

Jamie Blum, filed a(n) General Criminal - Criminal case against Amanda Blum, in the jurisdiction of Allegheny County, PA, . Allegheny County, PA Superior Courts .

Case Details for Jamie Blum v. Amanda Blum

Filing Date

May 02, 2014


Protection From Abuse

Last Refreshed

November 19, 2021

Practice Area


Filing Location

Allegheny County, PA

Matter Type

General Criminal

Parties for Jamie Blum v. Amanda Blum


Jamie Blum

Attorneys for Plaintiffs


Amanda Blum

Case Events for Jamie Blum v. Amanda Blum

Type Description
PFA Withdrawal
Dated 05/13/14. At plaintiff's request, PFA Petition is WITHDRAWN. Clark,J.
Affidavit of Service
Of PFA Petition and order upon Amanda by personal service on 04/26/14.
PFA Continuance
Order of court dated 05/06/14. Case continued to 05/13/14 at 9:00 before Clark,J.
Petition for PFA
Dated 04/28/2014. Temporary order of court. Amanda is excluded from Jamie's residence until final hearing which will be held on 05/06/14 at 9:00 am before Bigley, J. (The filing fee for this petition is $244.00)
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