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Bre Properties Vs. Bruce Crain

Case Last Refreshed: 1 month ago ago

On December 31, 2008 a Rule 3.740 Collections case was filed by Bre Properties, represented by Robert Scott Kennard, against Crain, Bruce, Crain, Celia, Does 1-10, Susoeff, Tatiana, represented by in the jurisdiction of Sacramento County.

Case Details

Filing Date

December 31, 2008

Last Refreshed

October 23, 2021

Filing Location

Sacramento County, CA


Civil - Limited

Practice Area


Matter Type


Case Cycle Time

664 days

Time to First Dissmisal Order

97 days



Case History

Type Description
Docket Event Case Management Statement filed.
Docket Event Memorandum of Costs After Judgment; Acknowledgment of Credit and Declaration of Accrued Interest filed.
Docket Event Answer filed.
Hearing Motion to Set Aside - Civil Law and Motion
Docket Event Minutes finalized for Motion to Set Aside - Civil Law and Motion heard on 06/04/2009 02:00:00 PM .
Docket Event Summons for 30-Day Summons was issued during case initiation on 01/02/2009 .
Docket Event Certificate of Service filed.
Docket Event Complaint filed.
Docket Event Civil Case Cover Sheet filed.
Docket Event Request for Dismissal of Does filed.
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