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Fidelity Co-Operative Bank V Bahnan

Case Last Refreshed: 7 months ago ago

On December 22, 2009 a Foreclosure Of A Mortgage case was filed by Fidelity Co-Operative Bank, represented by Catanzaro, Esq., Angelo Patrick, against Bahnan, Henri, represented by in the jurisdiction of Worcester County, MA.

Case Details

Filing Date

December 22, 2009

Last Refreshed

April 19, 2021

Filing Location

Worcester County, MA


Real Property

Case History

Type Description
Docket Event Notice to publish foreclosure in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette rec notice in the Worcester District Registry of Deeds and by regular mail return at Worcester 02-17-2010 (McCann,J)
Docket Event JUDGMENT authorizing the foreclosure of a mortgage (McCann,J, Justice)
Docket Event Request upon clerk for default judgment (55b ) re: deft
Docket Event Default (55a) as to defendant
Docket Event Request upon clerk to default (55a) re: deft
Docket Event SERVICE RETURNED (order of notice): deft
Docket Event Affidavit that deft is not in military service
Docket Event Mortgagee's Affidavit notice has not been sent because no notice is required under Section 11(e) of Chapter 206 of the Acts of 2007
Docket Event Filing fee paid in the amount of $275.00 including $15.00 surcharge and $20.00 security fee.
Docket Event Origin 1, Type C04, Track X.
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