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Rchtouni Pogos v. Bmw Of North America Llc

Case Last Refreshed: 1 week ago

Rchtouni Pogos, filed a(n) Breach of Contract - Commercial case represented by Azimtash Saman, against Bmw Of North America Llc, represented by Baker Michael Charles, in the jurisdiction of Los Angeles County. This case was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Courts Stanley Mosk with Yolanda Orozco presiding.

Case Details for Rchtouni Pogos v. Bmw Of North America Llc


Yolanda Orozco Track Judge’s New Cases

Filing Date

July 17, 2023


Other Breach Of Contract/Warranty (Not Fraud Or Negligence) (General Jurisdiction)

Last Refreshed

September 14, 2023

Practice Area


Filing Location

Los Angeles County, CA

Matter Type

Breach of Contract

Filing Court House

Stanley Mosk

Case Complaint Summary

This complaint is a summons notifying the defendant, BMW of North America, LLC, and other unnamed defendants, that they are being sued by the plaintiff, Pogos Rchtouni. The summons states that the defendant must respond within 30 days or the court may decide against them without hearing their side of the case. The defendant is advised to file a written response at the court and serve a copy on the plaintiff. It is emphasized that a letter or phone call will not protect the defendant.

The summons also provides information on where to find court forms and legal assistance, including the California Courts Online Self-Help Center, county law libraries, and nonprofit legal services programs. It mentions that if the defendant cannot afford an attorney, they may be eligible for free legal services. Additionally, it states that the court has a statutory lien for waived fees and costs on any settlement or arbitration award of $10,000 or more in a civil case.

No specific dollar amounts or violations of statutes are mentioned in this document.

Parties for Rchtouni Pogos v. Bmw Of North America Llc


Rchtouni Pogos

Attorneys for Plaintiffs

Azimtash Saman


Bmw Of North America Llc

Attorneys for Defendants

Baker Michael Charles

Case Events for Rchtouni Pogos v. Bmw Of North America Llc

Type Description
Hearing Department 31 at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Case Management Conference
Docket Event Answer; Filed by: BMW of North America, LLC (Defendant)
Hearing Case Management Conference scheduled for in Stanley Mosk Courthouse at Department 31

Judge: Yolanda Orozco

Docket Event Notice of Case Management Conference; Filed by: Clerk
Docket Event Updated -- Proof of Personal Service Of Summons: Name Extension: Of Summons ; As To Parties changed from BMW of North America, LLC (Defendant) to BMW of North America, LLC (Defendant)
Docket Event Updated -- Notice of Case Management Conference: As To Parties:
Docket Event Address for Saman Azimtash (Attorney) updated
Docket Event Proof of Personal Service; Filed by: Pogos Rchtouni (Plaintiff); As to: BMW of North America, LLC (Defendant); Service Date: ; Service Cost: 40.00; Service Cost Waived: No
Docket Event Civil Case Cover Sheet; Filed by: Pogos Rchtouni (Plaintiff); As to: BMW of North America, LLC (Defendant)
Docket Event First Amended General Order re: Mandatory Electronic Filing; Filed by: Clerk
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