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Discover Bank Vs Lockhart

Case Last Refreshed: 3 weeks ago

Discover Bank, filed a(n) Collections - Creditor case against Katrina Lockhart, in the jurisdiction of Alameda County. This case was filed in Alameda County Superior Courts Superior with Tara M. Flanagan presiding.

Case Details for Discover Bank v. Katrina Lockhart


Tara M. Flanagan Track Judge’s New Cases

Filing Date

May 03, 2023


Limited Civil (Collections Case - Seller Pla...)

Last Refreshed

September 05, 2023

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Filing Location

Alameda County, CA

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Filing Court House


Case Complaint Summary

This complaint is a legal document filed by Discover Bank against Katrina Lockhart and Does 1-10. The jurisdiction of the case is a limited civil case, with the amount demanded not exceeding $10,000. The complaint alleges a breach of contract and common counts as causes of action.

The complaint states that Discover Bank is a FDIC-insured Delaware State Bank. It also mentions that the defendants sued as Does are unknown to the plaintiff. The complaint seeks judgment for costs of suit, damages of $5,488.18, interest on the damages, attorney's fees, and post-judgment interest.

The attached exhibit is an account summary for a Discover It® card ending in 6498. It shows a previous balance of $5,336.16, payments and credits of $81.00, purchases, balance transfers, cash advances, fees charged, and interest charged. The new balance is $5,488.18.

Note: No violation of statutes is mentioned in this document.

Parties for Discover Bank v. Katrina Lockhart


Discover Bank

Attorneys for Plaintiffs


Katrina Lockhart

Other Parties

Douglas Wallace (Att)

Tara M. Flanagan (Party)

Case Events for Discover Bank v. Katrina Lockhart

Type Description
Docket Event Case assigned to Hon. Tara M. Flanagan in Department 5 Rene C. Davidson Courthouse
Docket Event Summons on Complaint Issued and Filed by: Discover Bank (Plaintiff) As to: Katrina Lockhart (Defendant)
Docket Event The case is placed in special status of: Collections Case (CCP 3.740)
Docket Event Civil Case Cover Sheet Filed by: Discover Bank (Plaintiff) As to: Katrina Lockhart (Defendant)
Docket Event Complaint Filed by: Discover Bank (Plaintiff) As to: Katrina Lockhart (Defendant)
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